Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October: A Cornucopia of Fall Images

Typically, October is one of the driest months in the southeast. But this year, we have been getting steady rains and the paddling has been fantastic. There has not been any one excursion that specifically has brought down the house, perhaps more of a slow whitewater marination in both the subtle and profound changes that take place this time of year. From the hints of greenish yellow to the post peak orange and brown, we have been out and about this month, harvesting all we can, to further our bellies in anticipation of leaner times, which El Nino threatens to bring this winter.

So here's a barrage of images depicting just some of the ways we have been participating in the changes this fall.

Abrams Creek, late September

Clear Creek Canyon, a few colors coming in


Side Canyon to Clear Creek


Brandon Hughett, Clear Creek Canyon

Brandon on Jack's Rock, Clear Creek Canyon

Brian Mills, Crooked Fork with proper flows

Nick Barron, Crooked Fork

Lower Potters

Upper Potters

Nick Barron stroking away from a disgusting hole on Crooked Fork

Nick charging down to the Emory

Some midget tried to peddle a windshield off on us at the Caney Fork put in.

Nate Helms boofing a ledge early on, Caney Fork

Byron Sambat taking water quality samples at Devil's Kitchen

Knoxville contingent, typical boogie on Caney Fork

Lots of scenic flatwater with mysterious springs bubbling in here and there

Looking under the couch cushions for a missing kayak

The rocks on the Caney Fork are hungrier than the holes

Nick Barron, why don't you show us the next item up for bids?

Playing hard!

Family trip to the little

Laura Eddlemon illustrates "the boof"

My wife is a badass.

Trey Coleman, the boofing banker

Smoky Mountain Scenery

One of the best things about fall boating is the leaves in the water.

Laura high on the Little

Tunnel Rapid on the Little River

Decisions, decisions

This shot is pretty corny

Tradition, from the earth to the next generation

Raisin 'em right

The highly coveted Linville-Copia. Paddling Linville during the fall colors is the ultimate sensory overload experience in the southeast!

The only thing better than Linville in the fall is high water Linville in the fall.

Eli jumping into Babel Tower's chaos shortly before deeming the level too high

Streamside scene

All colors great and small

Its always over too quick.


Alexanders biggest vertical climb yet, 1750 feet to Rich Mountain.

Well, Daddy helped a little. The colors were epic this day.

East Rim Big South Fork overlook

Don't forget to stop and take in the little moments that come your way this fall.

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dave said...

lovin the photo essays! Love the shots. Not sure what camera you use, but don't you just hate how whitewater overexposes your photos and you lose all the good lookin detail?

enjoy the warm south man, north is starting to get cold right now.