Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Winter Varia

Justin Cullars on Thunderhead Prong

I'll spare the reader any babbling this round and just share some random shots from this winter season, which was full of rain and warm temps; a perfect combination for running wild in Tennessee.

Smokin Steve on Holly Creek dawn patrol

It's short but sweet

The crux of the run

Rare shot of author

Clear Creek from Lilly Bluff


Clear Creek Canyon spectacular

Bust Yer Butt Falls on the Horsepasture - unknown perp

My guess is around 30 mph.

Jim Janney on the first good rapid below Rainbow Falls


Sean Camp popping his Jocassee cherry

Cleared the hole

Answering the siren call from Windy Falls

700 feet of Oblivion

Looking upstream from Windy Falls

Turns out my brief stint driving a yellow hatchback would not stifle paddling opportunities

Steve Kra"juice"ky on Doublecamp Creek

Some good drops in there

Jim Janney showing us why we don't run blind corners in North Carolina

The rare specimen c-packosaurus

Nice boof on the Cullasaja

The calm between the storms at Nemesis.  Jim and Caleb sent this beast blue angel style.  I would have gotten a picture, but thought hanging with a rope at the bottom was the call.  Running the Cullasaja top to bottom is true adventure, providing more than a few tempting moments to go fringe.

That's all folks.

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Smokin' said...

I know that perp, he's a total sicko!