Monday, December 29, 2008

Canoe trip down the Raven Fork

Well, not me. But I finally got my friend Dooley out on the Raven Fork today. He had been waiting for the right circumstances to take his 10 foot canoe down the steepest and sickest creek in the southeast. Today was the day, and though the level was a little high for an open boat in a few places, he still knocked off an impressive chunk from the roster of big rapids on the run.

Highlights include my first run of Anaconda, which went great, a horrific beatdown in the Jedi hole that was pretty brutal, and watching Dooley run the shoo shoo in a canoe.

The Raven Fork holds it's water so well. So well that I am running it again in the morning. Things are looking up for the southeast.

Here are a few clips I threw together.

Raven Fork Canoe Descent from Kirk Eddlemon on Vimeo.

The next day, Keith came down and met me for an early morning run at around 8 inches, a good low flow. The early morning light in the lower gorge was cool, as usually the sun has passed over the high river right ridge by the time a group normally makes it down in there. Just another incredible day in The Gorges. Some video:

The Gorges from Kirk Eddlemon on Vimeo.

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