Saturday, January 10, 2009

Little Snowey Creek

There lies a sleeper stream, under the radar near the coal hills of SW Virginia, that is pretty much the best of its class. Little Stoney has the best 25 footer in the southeast. And what follows is a 3 mile barrage of easy slides big and small, and a few technical and demanding bouldergardens. I met up with John Crain and Nick Haase and caught the creek at a low but good introductory flow. There was 3 inches of snow, and the put in was magical. Paddling off Little Stoney Falls is the best intro drop to a whitewater run I have ever seen. It sets the tone, and instantly puts everything in it's right place.

Nick Haase

The action is non-stop but all boat scoutable. After the 25 footer is a 10 foot clapper and then get out soon on the left to walk around a 30 footer with a shallow landing. Supposedly it is good with a high flow. Then Ramey Fork comes in, doubles the flow, and puts you into some good slides before dropping into the big boulder garden on the run. It starts with a sweet boof and then gets pretty stacked. After that there are some pretty big slides that are great to lap multiple times. Then there is a sweet boof amidst a good boogie stretch to the takeout.

John Crain

All in all a perfect run. The water quality is great, the scenery is awesome. with cool rock outrcrops and sidestreams cascading in from all sides. For it's difficulty, I think this is the top run in the SE. It has everything, and the place is unique and noteworthy for its scenic value too. We can't wait to get back there with high water and just lap it up.

Little Snowey Creek from Kirk Eddlemon on Vimeo.

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